Be COVID (Courageous Optimistic Vigilant Inventive Dedicated)

Be COVID (Courageous Optimistic Vigilant Inventive Dedicated)

Be COVID (Courageous Optimistic Vigilant Inventive Dedicated) 

by David Carruthers

This was an inspirational idea I came up with when the world was first coming to grips with the new microscopic menace known as Covid-19. Like millions of others, I wondered what exactly were we dealing with and how long would this new unpredictable norm last. As I thought about all of bizarre things that were happening because of this unknown pandemic, it made me think what would we all need to do to battle this brutal negativity?

Suddenly, an idea popped into my head. To beat Covid-19, we'd have to face it head-on. We'd have to Be Covid(Courageous Optimistic Vigilant Inventive Dedicated) more than ever before. My goal through my idea was to empower kids/youths(adults too) and to show them that they can face this huge unknown negative force with a newfound sense of positivity. 

As the months went by, people were losing their jobs and their positivity at an alarming rate. The great unknown known as Covid-19 was becoming an even bigger black hole, sucking away people's livelihoods and dreams in an instant. I told myself that even though negativity was engulfing people's hopes and dreams, I knew that I must get my Be COVID inspirational program seen by more people in my community and then to my virtual family members online via LinkedIn and Facebook Messenger. I started becoming more Courageous Optimistic Vigilant Inventive Dedicated in my everyday activities. 

Even though negativity was running rampant, I told myself that if I could Be COVID(Courageous Optimistic Vigilant Inventive Dedicated), I could help others to become stronger and more positive during the pandemic that was roaring through 2020 like a lion that had just escaped from the zoo. I tried to walk a little taller every day and I tried to have a super positive attitude in public and in my own castle. It wasn't easy, but I knew if I could Be COVID, I could help others accomplish more during these wild and wacky times. In the process, I became stronger mentally and physically to deal with the brutal reality known as Covid-19. 

Even though the world has changed dramatically, Be COVID(Courageous Optimistic Vigilant Inventive Dedicated) as much as you can. If we can all do this, COVID doesn't stand a chance against the human spirit and we can all work together to make sense of life during this unknown pandemic. We will continue to soar, despite this gigantic negativity trying to bring us to our knees. Just remember that the best way to Be COVID(Courageous Optimistic Vigilant Inventive Dedicated) is to open your heart and show respect, kindness and compassion every day in our communities. When we do this, Covid doesn't stand a chance against positivity and the power known as you.

"Soar together and we'll make it through stormy weather." David Carruthers