David Carruthers-Keep Soaring Towards Your Dreams

David Carruthers-Keep Soaring Towards Your Dreams

Best Selling Canadian Author: David Carruthers

David Carruthers was born in Belfast, N.Ireland, on March 22nd, 1972. As a young child, he loved to use his imagination. He wrote stories about superheroes, animals, spaceships and countless other magical creations. 24 years later, David's first book, "The Bird That Wanted to Fly" came out and 2 years afterwards, his second book, "The Candy Dragon" was released. Flash forward to 2021, David has published 16 other books and released many of his other ideas from his wild imagination on story cds.

David always tries to put positive life lessons in his children's books. He believes in empowering kids of all ages and showing them that anything in life is possible when you dream BIG. He is currently working on many more children's books, screenplays, poems, original quotes and novels. David has also recently discovered a love of photography and hopes to have these photos inspire countless people around the globe. He truly believes that we all have amazing potential inside each of us and we must do everything possible to help others reach their dreams, no matter how impossible they may seem. When we do this, creativity will soar with the eagles and go beyond the stars.

"Dream bigger than a giant and your imagination will sprout like a beanstalk." David Carruthers

The Bird That Wanted to Fly

This inspirational story is David Carruthers' first book. It was written in 1995 and published in December of 1996. It's a delightful book about a penguin named Petey. He wants to fly in the worst way possible and dreams about it every day. Unfortunately for him, Petey is a penguin and cannot fly like other birds. Throughout the book, he meets a polar bear cub named Pawpaw. Petey learns about friendship and how one's imagination can make even the wildest dreams come true.

The Candy Dragon

This is David Carruthers' second book and first fairytale. He wrote it in 1997 and it was published in 1998. The story begins in the kingdom of Daleolot. The king was celebrating his daughter's 13th birthday and Princess Tyandra was terribly sad because she didn't get anything she wanted for her special day. Her best friend Wilton the wizard appears and what happens next sets off a series of catastrophic events that gets the king boiling mad and the kingdom on the verge of ruin. Thankfully Sir Gilod is summoned and takes the reader on an incredible journey to save Daleolot and on his magical adventure he meets a mystical creature....the Candy Dragon.

I Wonder

I Wonder was written by David Carruthers in 2000 and was inspired by his future baby on the way. It also brought back fond memories of when he was a six-year-old child, as he wondered if his mom was going to have a baby boy or a baby girl for him to play toys with.

 Fat Cat, Fat Cat

Fat Cat looooooves to eat and drive his owner Jenny crazy in the process. He enjoys playing hide n' go seek with his best friend, even though she's not amused at his antics. The reader will learn about rhyme, rhythm and repetition throughout the book. There are also lots of life lessons from start to finish. Even though they're two peas in a pod, Fat Cat finds a way to get under Jenny's skin and locate the delicious human food that he adores more than life itself.

Gorse The Horse

Gorse the Horse was written by David Carruthers back in the early part of the 21st century. It teaches children about rhyme, rhythm, repetition and that anything is possible with a little imagination. After going back for a vacation in 2001 to his home country of N.Ireland, Gorse came to life from a beautiful scenic drive with the family. It was on this car ride to another relative's home, he asked his aunt about a beautiful yellow bush near the roadside. She said it was called Gorse and right after hearing that, David started rhyming off words that rhymed with Gorse. When he got to the horse, the idea of a yellow maned juggling horse galloped out of his imagination.

There's A T-Rex In My Bath Tub

In this rhyming book, Bubba Bub the T-Rex is in the bathtub having all kinds of bubbly bath time fun throughout the story. The reader(s) will learn about rhyme, rhythm and repetition in every sentence, as they see some funny pages with our main character doing all kinds of strange things. From eating soap and apples from a tree to being jammed in tightly with an ostrich and a whale. After reading There's A T-Rex In My Bath Tub, bath time will never be the same, especially when there's a T-Rex in the bubble-filled water below.


Gordie The Golf Ball

This book was written by David Carruthers in 2002, after his son played mini golf for the first time. After seeing the big smile on his face, David knew that he had to bring his little golf ball character to life......FORE!! Throughout the book, Gordie the golf ball teaches kids(adults too) about himself and about the great game of golf. Not only will you and your family learn about what golf balls go through on the links, you'll have a hole in one of a time seeing what happens to Gordie on the golf course. Par-fect for all ages of golfers and for anyone who wants to learn more about the wonderful world of golf through the eyes of a golf ball named Gordie.

The Skinny Hippo

The book's main character Halverson is born skinny and that doesn't sit right with all the other hippopotamuses. They laugh and call him mean names. Throughout the book, Halverson meets his best friend Iwiki the hummingbird and the two of them go on an incredible journey to save the jungle from an unforeseen danger. Halverson learns that one's inner strength makes one a hero and that no one should ever be judged based on appearance.

I Have

This is David Carruthers' newest book. Even though he wrote it in 2013, it was finally published in 2020. It teaches kids that there are countless people in the world that have lots to be thankful for and millions that don't have anything at all. David's goal is to raise significant money and awareness for charities in N.America and around the globe that help feed children in need.