Fat Cat, Fat Cat

Fat Cat, Fat Cat

About Book

Fat Cat, Fat Cat is David Carruthers' first rhyming book and it was written in 1995. It was then printed in the year 2000, almost two weeks after his son was born.

About Author

Best Selling Canadian Author: David Carruthers

David Carruthers was born in Belfast, N.Ireland, on March 22nd, 1972. As a young child, he loved to use his imagination. He wrote stories about superheroes, animals, spaceships and countless other magical creations. 24 years later, David's first book, "The Bird That Wanted to Fly" came out and 2 years afterwards, his second book, "The Candy Dragon" was released. Flash forward to 2021, David has published 16 other books and released many of his other ideas from his wild imagination on story cds.

David always tries to put positive life lessons in his children's books. He believes in empowering kids of all ages and showing them that anything in life is possible when you dream BIG. He is currently working on many more children's books, screenplays, poems, original quotes and novels. David has also recently discovered a love of photography and hopes to have these photos inspire countless people around the globe. He truly believes that we all have amazing potential inside each of us and we must do everything possible to help others reach their dreams, no matter how impossible they may seem. When we do this, creativity will soar with the eagles and go beyond the stars.

"Dream bigger than a giant and your imagination will sprout like a beanstalk." David Carruthers


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