Frank "Tex" Davis- The Story Behind The Christmas Bug : Written By Dav

Frank "Tex" Davis- The Story Behind The Christmas Bug : Written By David Carruthers

 I remember the evening of October 6th, 2021 vividly when I first heard about the incredible human being known as Frank "Tex" Davis. It was a little over two months ago, while I was waiting in a drive thru lane to pickup a quick bite to eat. Now, with the nickname "Tex", you think it would've been at a ranch in the Lone Star State of Texas or somewhere in the beautiful province of Alberta. There were no gun slingers with big mustaches or wild bucking broncos that night, just a few short texts from a good friend of mine. John mentioned that a lady he knew had an unbelievably talented grandfather named Frank Davis. He had been carrying his Christmas story around for many many decades and now wanted to get it published after all these years. I couldn't wait to meet him as his story behind the story seemed beyond amazing, plus he was 95 years young and wanted to get his 1st children's book out. On a side note, I was 24 almost 25 when my first book, "The Bird That Wanted to Fly" was printed back in late 1996, so I tip my hat to Frank for persevering all those years to finally reach his dream and complete his mission. With this being said, I always tell kids(adults too) during my author presentations to never give up on their dreams, no matter how loooooooong it takes. Now, I was fortunate enough to have a chance to meet a man who had been carrying his dream around for about 87 years.  

My friend John and I met Frank and his granddaughter, Alana, about a week later to discuss making her grandpa's dream a reality. I was super excited that the big day had finally arrived. When they walked in, I was filled with countless emotions, as here I was in the presence of a WWII veteran, who had served his country, "thank you, Frank" and had kept his book dream close to his heart for over eight decades. Before sitting down, I remember having a big smile on my face as I was extremely honoured to be in the same room as an army veteran who was trying to publish a book, a dream. He then told us how he came up with the story as a kid and how his mom passed away when he was only a young boy. His dad then raised him and his other siblings in the 1930's. When he was in his late teens, he rode the rails to New Brunswick and had lots of other truly phenomenal stories to share with us. During that entire time, he kept the story of The Christmas Bug close to him. As the years went by, Frank wanted to bring his book out, but life kept getting in the way. From the Great Depression to WWII, Frank had gone through a number of heart wrenching obstacles, but never lost sight of his dream. The years continued to roll on by and Frank was now happily married with children. Even though his life was beyond busy, he continued to write many stories and poems. Let's just say, I was extremely fortunate that morning in the middle of October 2021 to hear Frank read some of his poems from days gone by. Not only was I blown away by his exceptional writing skills, his memory was absolutely amazing. He was reciting poems word by word with ease that he wrote from decades ago. His creativity was through the roof and his mind was sharper than any tack on the planet. It was heart warming to meet such a gentleman who was brilliant beyond belief. I told him we would not only be honoured to bring out his book, we would definitely help him make his life long dream come true. Even though he is 95 now, this is only just the beginning for new Canadian author, Frank "Tex" Davis. Almost forgot, if you want to findout about Frank's cowboy sounding "Tex" nickname, give him a shout and this class act will be sure to let you know how he got it. After speaking with him, not only will the Christmas Bug be in you, the magic of his imagination will be forever in your heart.  


"Age is just a number, but you are an alphabet of possibilities." David Carruthers