International Screen Play: Saathida

International Screen Play: Saathida


Your House Social Enterprise Inc. is beyond honoured to have teamed up with international screenplay writer, Shrey Rajdeo. We look forward to working on other incredible creative ventures with this brilliant young mind. We know that together we can inspire kids/youths to unlock their imaginations and soar to new heights as they explore the endless possibilities in life.

Your House Social Enterprise INC. are super excited to work with international screenplay writer Shrey Rajdeo, at Film named  Saathida.

Story line of - Saathida

The story revolves around two girls staying In the rural area of Rajasthan. One being a doctor meets an artist in depression while they travel to the city in a jeep. Soon, their bonding becomes strong and they share thoughts on life and death. In the coming days, they both lose contact and start looking for each other randomly.