Tabitha's Daughters International

Tabitha's Daughters International

Tabitha's Daughters International

Blog Written By David Carruthers

It supports girls in low income families/ communities staying in school by providing sanitary pads, menstrual health management education and mentoring.

1 in 10 school girls in Africa misses classes or drops out of school completely due to her periods and may substitute pads with far less safe and less absorbent materials such as rags, newspapers and leaves.

 “In countries where menstrual hygiene is a taboo, girls in puberty are typically absent for 20% of the school year”

The inability to effectively manage menstruation contributes to the absence of 4-5 school days each month, intentionally skipped simply due to menstruation. (UNESCO)

Lack of Affordable Sanitary pads for girls from low income families/communities, keeps them at a disadvantage in terms of education. It has a snowball effect: the girls miss school, they fall behind in schoolwork, and perform poorly.

Some girls out of school entirely increase the probability of early pregnancy, early marriage and health complications. Ultimately various opportunities are missed: future careers, economic opportunities, and the opportunity to participate in leadership platforms in their communities and country.

Tabitha’s Daughters International reaches out to girls in Kenya and Cameroon one school at a time by providing sanitary pads along with menstrual health management promotional material. Girls are mentored through our mentoring program- “Confidence Stars” (C-Stars) whose motto is “Believe, Begin and Become.”

Mission: Tabitha's Daughters International’s mission is to make sure that no girl misses class because of menstruation.

-To support girls and young women to complete their public education by attending school consistently until graduation by providing them with necessary personal care products.

- To encourage girls and young women to dream their futures and to work consistently to make them a reality.

- To link girls and young women of school age with mentors and role models who will encourage and facilitate their achievement of self esteem and self confidence.

Vision: Nurturing today’s girls into tomorrow’s confident Women.

Your House Social Enterprise INC. is a proud supporter of Tabitha's Daughters International from the beautiful continent of Africa. We know that love, compassion and respect for all can overcome great negativity. We are beyond excited to see these young ladies soar high as they reach for their dreams and shine like the brightest stars in the sky above.