Together We Can Defeat And Diabeat-It

Together We Can Defeat And Diabeat-It

All of us at Your House Social Enterprise INC. were beyond excited to help local non for profit TypeDiabeat-It. The amazing event took place on September 25th, 2021 at Springbank Park in London, Ontario. It was their 2nd Annual 5K Walk/Run fundraising and was a huge success from start to finish. Even when the rain came down, spirits were still high and smiling faces could be seen everywhere.  

Each participant that came was given $20 discount coupons on behalf to be used on our state of the art ecommerce site. 50% off of Poacher's Arms delicious Korean fried chicken was also given to everyone who attended this wonderful event.  

Local author/entertainer and  COO/ Co Founder of Your House Social Enterprise INC. was also in attendance that day. Not only did he perform his show, "How I Got Here", he did basketball tricks for  the kids and adults. He also took part in the 5K Walk/Run and had an absolute blast. In fact, he finished it in about 31 minutes and was smiling from ear to ear when he finished it. 



TypeDiabeat-It is a Canadian not for profit focused on assisting the underserved and underfunded BPOC Community living with Diabetes. Their role is to ensure Black Canadians are not only given access but also equipped with adequate resources to better manage and prevent diabetes. 

TypeDiabeat-It's Mission: To ensure every man, woman, and child within the BPOC community understands what living with diabetes is, through education, and support coupled with the importance of healthy eating. Life is worth living when we no longer allow diabetes to be a burden but a way of living. 


David Carruthers and everyone at Your House Social Enterprise INC. can't wait for the next 5K Run/Walk to arrive next year.  

They look forward to helping TypeDiabeat-It to have an even more successful event in 2022. When we work together, Diabetes doesn't stand against the human spirit.