Your Dreams

Your Dreams

Your Dreams

by David Carruthers

 All of us have dreams of bettering our lives and becoming the person who can literally do anything in life. Unfortunately, Covid-19 has handcuffed millions of us dreamers and we are left scratching our heads, wondering if our dreams will ever come true? 

In this blog, I will show you, the reader that your dreams don't have to die during this pandemic, but they can all shine through brighter than ever before. 

First, visualize your dreams and then write them down, so that you can see the infinite possibilities staring right back at you. Make sure that you also read them out loud and say it with lots of confidence in your voice. This works really well in front of a mirror as you're sharing your dreams with a super special person....YOU. After you've done this exercise, not only will you feel good, some more amazing ideas might have popped into your imagination. So, write them down and then go over your list of dreams. What happens next is crucial to your dreams coming to fruition. 

Don't wait for a shooting star to fly by, get cracking and take action to bring your dreams home. Before Covid-19, I would have said go out to as many different networking groups as possible and talk to more dreamers at these great functions. In saying this though, I have gone out to a few networking sessions in 2020 with amazing results. Other great ways to network are online platforms and old school phone calls. I sometimes write 10 to 15 emails a day, as well as make lots of phone calls. You never know who will respond and if you keep a positive open mind, you just never know of the incredible possibilities waiting for all of us. Just remember, you're planting the seeds that will blossom into an unbelievable dream, especially when you bring the right people into your life. When you find these positive people, make sure you write down their contact info and make sure you ask them about their dreams too. You can never have too many positive dreamers in your corner. 

Lastly, watch out for Negative Nellies aka Dream Squashers….they are everywhere, online and offline. They lurk in schools, offices, the internet and houses where your friends and families live. If one of the above mentioned throws a negative comment your way, smile and take it with a grain of salt. Always remember, put on your thick rhino skin and charge through the the negative comments towards your dreams. When you do this, you're an unstoppable force and something that seemed like it would never happen is just around the corner. So don't stop, go for your dreams and make the impossible and always.

"Dreams happen when you plug yourself into action." David Carruthers