Your House - How We Built Our Dream House

Your House - How We Built Our Dream House

Your House - How We Built Our Dream House

It was a little over three years ago that author/entertainer and motivational speaker, David Carruthers, came up with an idea for an inspirational coffee shop called Your House. His idea was to inspire kids/youths(adults too) of all ages to be the best they can via inspirational books/other motivational products, as they had a hot cup of java and delicious food products. David then shared his idea with friend and future co founder of Your House Social Enterprise INC., Neaz Adnan. What happened next helped David's dream take flight. Have you heard of a social enterprise? David looked at Neaz with a puzzled look on his face. It sounded like it came from a science fiction film. After listening to Neaz, the inspirational coffee shop was put on hold and Your House Social Enterprise INC. was launched. David believes that when you work together and help others to believe in themselves, anything is possible in life. He has seen this firsthand with the amazing Your House Team and all the volunteers around the globe working hard to make people's dreams come, tomorrow and always.

David Carruthers - Co Founder & COO

David (49 years old) was born in Belfast, Northern. Ireland in 1972. He moved to Kansas City, Kansas, when he was three and moved to the Great White North in 1977. By the time he turned five, he had lived in three different countries. After graduating from Dalhousie University in 1995 with a major in Sociology and minor in Dramatic Arts, David published his first book entitled, "The Bird That Wanted to Fly" in 1996. Two years later, David's second book and first fairytale, "The Candy Dragon" was released. David has now released 18 children's books in his career and since the late 90's has visited hundreds of schools/organizations delivering his highly entertaining author/motivational presentations. He shows kids/youths of all ages that anything is possible when you help others to be their best and use your imagination to make dreams a reality.

David loves being an author/entertainer and motivational speaker as he gets to help teach kids/youths about writing and how to use their imaginations to soar beyond the stars. Today, David is super excited to help countless kids/youths to succeed through Your House Social Enterprise INC.....building a strong foundation and higher self esteems in today's youngsters is his #1 priority. David believes that when we do this together, there's no obstacle to BIG for a young mind to overcome in life.

Neaz Adnan- Co Founder & CEO

Neaz (33 years old) is a Business professional, Masters from University of Windsor, ON. Canada. He has 7 years of experience in managing food,& beverage and Five Star Hotel  industry, 18  years experience in community development, 2 years experience in strategic partnership in nonprofit industry in North America as Regional Head in USA, CANADA & MEXICO.

Neaz hopes to create a world free of negativity, boundaries, discrimination and violence . He wants to provide a safe platform for All kids and youths where they can soar. In addition, he craves to help bring Smiles , Happiness & Joy to millions of Kids & Youths around the Globe!

Neaz leads the way of Your House Social Enterprise INC. by developing high quality business strategies and plans ensuring their alignment with short-term and long-term objectives, showing and motivating subordinates to advance employee engagement and develop a high performing managerial team.

John Burschetto- Senior Business Development Advisor

John (54 years old) was born & raised in London, Ontario, where he completed high school & college education. At Fanshawe College, he completed a 5 year co-op program in business, specializing in Accounting & IT. His studies included marketing, economics, finance and business law. In addition, he has completed his LLQP, Mutual Funds licenses and  works as an advisor. He has 12 years experience in IT & 14 years experience in Finance. John was adopted as a foster child and is now happily married, with a wife & 2 kids.

John brings his vital experiences to Your House Social Enterprise INC. by providing leadership, direction and management of the finance/accounting team. He  manages the processes for financial forecasting, budgets, and overseeing the preparation of all financial reporting. John is excited about being a founding member of Your House Social Enterprise INC. and looks forward to helping brighten the lives of children all around the world.


Safat Al Mamun Rono - Global Governance Officer

Safat (32 years old) dreams of becoming a global leader for kids and youths, so he can help their lives. He is a founding member of Your House Social Enterprise INC. He has more than 11 years of financial, human resources and global management experience. He studied Global Management in the ancestral lands of Esquimalt and Songhees in British Columbia at Royal Roads University. His interests include technology and travel. As an entrepreneur, Safat's objective is to reinforce the connections of the company within the community.

Safat is a high spirited team player. He manages human resources operations by recruiting, selecting, orienting, training, coaching, counselling, disciplining staff, planning, monitoring, appraising,  reviewing staff job contributions, maintaining compensation, determining production, productivity and quality control. He also does customer service strategies, designing systems, accumulating resources, resolving problems and implementing change.