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A Little Courage

Your House Social Enterprise INC. is beyond proud to be working with Courage Tekpa of Ghana. He was born on July 24, 1993. He is founder of an amazing charity in the beautiful continent of Africa, called the Tekchills Foundation. Their goal is to inspire people to take action to change the world.

Your House Social Enterprise INC. will be raising funds and awareness for Tekchills Foundation via book/merchandise sales and other marketing ideas. It is our hope to help Courage empower and mentor the children he supports. With grace, compassion and love, Your House believes that anything is possible, especially when you lend a helping hand to others.


“I see Your House Social Enterprise Inc.becoming the undisputed leading and dominant Social Enterprise serving as hope for children and youths in the world.”
Courage Tekpa
( Diraector of Strategic Partnership Accra.Ghana.)

At the young age of 9, Courage lost his father and struggled with many hardships along the way. He battled neglect and depression for many years. Thankfully, his mom was his guardian angel and she raised him to show respect, compassion and love towards helping the less fortunate. From the poor to disabled people, he loved opening his heart to help them in anyway possible.

Courage believes in taking the positive out of every negative situation and that there is a solution to every problem. One must soldier on through doubt and fear. He believes that in life’s darkest hours, there is hope and light that can solve any problem.

He loves meeting new people and knows that by taking the high road on life’s journey, that anything is possible with a caring heart and an open mind. Hate doesn’t stand a chance against kindness, compassion, love and Courage

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