Internet Sense First: Your House Gift Card
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Internet Sense First: Your House Gift Card

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Your House gift card can only be used for buying products at Your House Shop.

10% of each Your House Gift card sale will go back towards helping the charity "Internet Sense First". 

"Internet Sense First is a charity that provides funding for therapy for Internet child exploitation victims.  They also educate the public about online child protection using their unique Theory of Digital Supervision.  A portion of the proceeds of this gift card will be used for therapy for victims.  All people associated with the charity are volunteers, believing in the necessity of online child protection."

Gift Card -Terms & Conditions:

  • Purchases will be deducted from the Your House gift card until the value reaches zero.
  • Your gift card is not redeemable for cash or purchase of any other Your House gift card.
  • The unused value remains on the card until the balance reaches zero.
  • This card is an e-gift card, but you can print it off at your convenience. If you lose your printed card, you can always reprint it.
  • This card can be transferable with your friends and family.
  • Your House Social Enterprise INC. will not accept responsibility for unauthorized use of cards.
  • This card cannot be refunded and returned.
  • Your House Gift Card does not have any expiry date.