Survival of the Fittest Paperback
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Survival of the Fittest Paperback

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$2.00 goes to Tabitha's Daughters International

It supports girls in low income families/ communities staying in school by providing sanitary pads, menstrual health management education and mentoring.

Your House Social Enterprise INC. is a proud supporter of Tabitha's Daughters International from the beautiful continent of Africa. We know that love, compassion and respect for all can overcome great negativity. We are beyond excited to see these young ladies soar high as they reach for their dreams and shine like the brightest stars in the sky above.

Survival of the Fittest is Kenneth Nyamusa Junior's first book. He started writing it at 10 years young and now the book is printed at the ripe old age of 14, two years before he can go for his driver's license. He truly is a super teen.

Author Name: Kenneth Nyamusa Junior

Marcus doesn't truly realize he's different until he blacks out at his school's basketball game. After he wakes up in the hospital, his mom and him go on an incredible journey full of unforeseen danger. He discovers that he has amazing superpowers and realizes that his normal teenage life isn't what it seems. Mother and son embark on a wild roller coaster ride filled with lots of high powered emotions from start to finish.

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