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STOP (Super Terrific Outstanding Person) Blog

STOP (Super Terrific Outstanding Person) Blog

Your House Social Enterprise INC. is proud and honoured to promote Co-Founder & COO  David Carruthers’ STOP Blog. We believe in helping others to be the best they can be by showing them that anything is possible when you have the confidence that you’re a Super Terrific Outstanding Person inside and out. Our goal is to help millions of kids/youths in N.America and around the globe to see that despite all the negativity in this world, there is an incredible inner flame in each of them. They are all a Super Terrific Outstanding Person in our eyes, today and always.

The STOP Blog was designed to show its readers that no matter what you’re going through in your life, there are people who care about you every day. Just remember, we all have a Super Terrific Outstanding Person living inside us.

The STOP Blog was inspired by David Carruthers’ STOP (Super Terrific Outstanding Person) inspirational program, which was created a number of years ago when David was walking his dog in his neighbourhood. He was thinking about life and all of the things facing today’s kids/youths, when he had an idea about a STOP sign he was staring at on his street. The words Super Terrific Outstanding Person popped into his head and the rest they say is history. David knew he had a powerful idea to help empower and teach kids/youths of all ages that they are all special, they’re all a Super Terrific Outstanding Person.


As we all know, negativity is on the rise due to Covid-19 and other global issues facing the citizens of the world today. When we come together as 1, anything is possible to achieve. When we believe in others and ourselves, negativity will start to fade from our daily lives. Positivity soars beyond doubt and fear, as we spread our wings trying to take flight. Once we realize that life is full of endless possibilities, our inner positivity will shine through like a lighthouse. People in countries around the planet will start to see we are all a Super Terrific Outstanding Person inside and out. Nothing can stop the human spirit when we work together to treat everyone with love, respect, kindness and compassion.

Your House Social Enterprise INC is working extremely hard to build kids/youths’ confidence levels up via the STOP (Super Terrific  Outstanding Person) Blog. They will continue to make sure that no stone is left unturned and that children of all ages know in their hearts that they are a Super Terrific Outstanding Person,  full of incredible potential to unlock life’s amazing possibilities.

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