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Writer's Virtual Workshops

Learn how to take ideas from your imagination and put them down on paper. Best selling Canadian author/entertainer and motivational speaker, David Carruthers, will teach writers of all ages how to overcome writer’s block. He will show them exactly what they need to do to unlock their inner author and how to get published in the 21st century. He will mentor every writer and take the time to show them that anything is possible when you use your creativity to SOAR.

Each individual writer’s workshop lasts for 75 minutes and as an introductory special, costs only $60+tax. Book today and watch your writing come to life as your imagination blasts off to a universe of infinite possibilities.

Storytelling Virtual Workshops

Want to learn how to tell your stories to the world?

The art of storytelling to crowds BIG and small will be taught by best selling Canadian author/entertainer and motivational speaker, David Carruthers. These workshops are for kids and adults of all ages. They will empower writers to stand in front of people and feel as calm as a cucumber as they share their stories. David will show students young and old how to overcome their fears of public speaking. When this happens, people’s inner confidence levels will soar high like an eagle beyond fear and doubt.

Each individual storytelling workshop runs for 75 minutes and as an introductory special, costs only $60+tax. Book today and watch the words come out of your mouth with incredible confidence that will have your inner positivity shining brighter than the brightest star in the galaxy.


When will I get the schedule?

  • You will get a followup email with all details of date and time with a meeting link to join.

What if I am not available on a given date?

  • We will always reschedule you at the given workshop date, if the first schedule doesn’t work for you. Thw workshop attendee will have to inform us within 24hrs of when he/she gets the first email schedule

Could I be able to book multiple Workshops?

  • Yes, You are welcome to book multiple workshops.

Could I be able to use my Your Discovery Reward Point I earned from purchasing workshop packages to purchase any products on Your House’s  ecommerce?

  • Yes, absolutely you can.

Could I be able to get the  workshop as a document?

  • Yes, you will be provided a workshop booklet at your email.

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