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Your House Social Enterprise Inc.’s International Screen Plays

Your House Social Enterprise Inc.’s International Screen Plays

Your House Social Enterprise Inc. is beyond honoured to have teamed up with international screenplay writer, Shrey Rajdeo. We look forward to working on other incredible creative ventures with this brilliant young mind. We know that together we can inspire kids/youths to unlock their imaginations and soar to new heights as they explore the endless possibilities in life.

Your House Social Enterprise INC. are super excited to work with international screenplay writer Shrey Rajdeo, at Films named Salam Madrasa Hindustani & Saathida.

Story line of - Salam Madrasa Hindustani

The story revolves around 2 kids, Ali, and Imran studying at a rural Islamic school in India. They become friends with a rag picker, Bantu, while playing football at a nearby ground. Soon, they become good friends. Now, Bantu shows his interest in going to school.

Maulvi, the teacher of the school comes to know about Bantu and his background. He manages to convince Bantu’s father to let him study at an Islamic school.

 In the coming days, the ragpicker goes missing followed by the Maulvi.

 This creates havoc in the village and the blame comes on to the Maulvi and the Islamic school.

 Shahid, Maulvi’s son, who has come to India from Qatar looks for his father but doesn’t find him. The police also refuse to help him.

Later, the Maulvi is found lying on the ground in a market area. Everyone blames him for the rag picker’s disappearance.

Maulvi requests his son to look for the ragpicker and bring him back.

Maulvi believes that one might be wrong as an individual but this Islamic school is only known for education and Humanity.

Shahid then roams in and around the village in search of the ragpicker. He wants his father and the islamic school to be free from any false allegations as their intentions were never wrong.

Story line of - Saathida

The story revolves around two girls staying In the rural area of Rajasthan. One being a doctor meets an artist in depression while they travel to the city in a jeep. Soon, their bonding becomes strong and they share thoughts on life and death. In the coming days, they both lose contact and start looking for each other randomly

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